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policy management

Policy management comprises all active measures taken by the carrier or provider to regulate data traffic from the point of view of prioritization and access control.

This process, which can be used to plan and calculate network load and bottlenecks, results in static or dynamic allocations of network resources for applications, servers, individual users or user groups depending on the load on the network. In policy management, the network operator creates a set of rules with policies for the entire network or for subnets in which he assigns a priority to users, applications, servers and services depending on the traffic volume and the time of day. These rules are managed in a policy management program and transmitted to the network components, which interpret these rules via the access control list( ACL). Transmission is done using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol( LDAP), Simple Network Management Protocol( SNMP), or Telnet, among others.

Policy management should be able to access existing directory services with the IP addresses of users and servers.

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