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organization for the advancement of structured information standards (OASIS)

Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) is an organization that develops standards for structured information and is concerned with the use of e-business and Web services.

OASIS' areas of responsibility include Service Oriented Architecture( SOA), network management, and the development of standardized user interfaces for Web services. For this interface, OASIS has specified the Web Service for Remote Portlets(WSRP) standard. In addition, OASIS has standardized Open Building Information Exchange( oBIX), a web service for communication between control systems in commercial buildings. In addition, there are standards from OASIS for security, content, data import and export, identity management, registry, repository and directory. These include the Content Management Interoperability Services( CMIS) standardized by OASIS, which support uniform access to content archives by enterprise applications.

Further activities concern the long-term archiving of documents. In this area, the Open Document Format was standardized by the International Standards Organization( ISO) via OASIS.

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