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optical distribution frame (optics) (ODF)

Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) is a distribution frame for optical fibers. It can be an enclosure or a distribution frame used in data centers, optical networks, and optical connectivity to provide the optical connections between the incoming optical fibers and the connected optical communication units.

An ODF distributor takes care of distributing the connections via splices, connecting the optical fibers with appropriate FO connectors, protecting the optical fibers, etc.

ODF distributors can be modular and include optical patch panels, splice boxes and splice manif olds.

Optical fiber distribution (ODF) racks with splice boxes, photo:

Optical fiber distribution (ODF) racks with splice boxes, photo:

ODF racks are used in data centers, optical networks and optical connectivity for FTTx technologies and can accommodate a wide variety of fiber optic connectors. They can be purely passive or can be equipped with active optical components. In addition, they can be combined with Digital Distribution Frames (DDF) to form main distributionframes in optical networks.

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