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operation and maintenance center (OMC)

The Operation and Maintenance Center (OMC) is the operations and maintenance center of telecommunications and mobile networks. It is anchored in the architecture models of communications networks and monitors and controls all network elements.

The OMC center primarily controls and monitors traffic flow control and detects deviations caused by congestion or link failures. It localizes, logs and documents errors and failures and eliminates them. Using remote configuration, network components can be updated and configured in terms of software from the OMC. An Operation and Maintenance Center (OMC) has an Operating Support System( OSS) for remote monitoring and is hierarchically subordinate to the Network Management Center( NMC) in larger networks.

InGSM networks, the Operation and Maintenance Center communicates with the Base Station Subsystem( BSS) and the Mobile Switching Center( MSC), and controls the Authentication Center( AUC), Location List( HLR), and Equipment Inventory( EIR).

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