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open directory project (DMOZ) (ODP)

Search engines not only display the domain name and the page title in their results pages( SERP), but also short descriptions of the web pages. These descriptions can contain information from the metatag "Description", but also from the content of the website.

The source for these short descriptions, called Search Snippets, is the Open Directory Project (ODP), one of the largest web directories containing this information. Open Directory Project (ODP) is also known as Directory Mozilla (DMOZ).

Subpage of DMOZ

Subpage of DMOZ

DMOZ is a structured website that covers topics ranging from arts and society, sports and science, health and shopping, and more. The individual subject areas are in turn divided into many subject areas, which contain comprehensive articles. The whole thing exists at least partially in various languages and characters. The DMOZ is maintained by many editors, who sort out websites with inferior content and consider those with good quality content. Therefore, DMOZ entries are rated higher by search engines and are more trustworthy than unregistered websites. The free entry in the Open Directory Project gives the website a link from the ODP directory and thus it is listed in numerous other directories, also with links.

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