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omnidirectional loudspeaker

Spherical speakers are omnidirectional speakers that radiate sound omnidirectionally in as many directions as possible. They get their name from the shape of the enclosure, which is spherical or cuboidal and contains multiple speakers that radiate sound in different directions.

The loudspeakers contained in a spherical loudspeaker enclosure may be of push-pull design, with two loudspeakers operating in phase opposition, with the diaphragms arranged against each other. However, other combinations are also common, such as midrange drivers with reflectors and multiple tweeters that provide uniform high- frequency dispersion.

Spherical loudspeaker, photo:

Spherical loudspeaker, photo:

Spherical speakers originate from the 70s and are suitable for ceiling mounting but also for stand mounting and can sound rooms from the ceiling.

For the term spherical speaker is also used spherical radiator. In addition, the term omnidirectional is also used in antenna technology for isotropic radiating antennas.

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