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next generation secure computing base (NGSCB)

Next Generation Secure Computing Base (NGSCB), known as Palladium, like Trusted Computing Platform Alliance(TCPA), is a method promoted by Microsoft to embed digital rights management( DRM) in computer hardware.

NGSCB is intended to increase the security requirements of personalcomputers(PCs), protect the computer from data and hardware tampering and software attacks, and prove its integrity to other systems.

The control starts from the operating system, since it controls almost all the operations of the system, and it begins at boot time. To do this, the integrity of the user must beverified. The operating system must ensure integrity and confidentiality with respect to user data through appropriate protection mechanisms in the memories, as must access controls.

The NGSCB method relies on an extension of the PC architecture in terms of sealing, protection by cryptographic keys and authentication of the system.

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