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network access control (NAC)

Network Access Control(NAC) is a network security concept used to authorize an end device and grant it access to resources. The NAC system, which is marketed by various companies, is one of several concepts for network access control. Others include Microsoft-dominated Network Access Protection( NAP) and Trusted Network Connect( TNC) from the Trusting Computing Group.

All concepts supported defense against viruses, worms and other malware from within the network. From an approach standpoint, endpoints areaudited for access authorization and policy compliance, and documentation is created of accesses to the network: Who accessed the network when, where, how and why?

Since the status of hosts and servers on a network is constantly changing, access control, documentation and analysis are important tools for controlling software errors, attacks and unauthorized access. NAC concepts and the NAC appliances they incorporate must recognize and respond to the network's constant state changes.

Principles of NAC functionality

Principles of NAC functionality

Network access control concepts are proprietary and are incorporated into framework concepts so that they can communicate and interact with each other via application programming interfaces( API) and common protocols.

The various NAC concepts only allow end devices and clients into the internal network if predefined criteria are met. These include a certain host state, successful host and user authentication, sufficient patch status, and location- and time-based criteria. To ensure this NAC solutions multiple analysis locations and criteria. These include antivirus and antispam congestion, firewall patch levels and policies, authentication details, access control with IP address determination.

Application-wise, the NAC theme is driven by compliance, ensuring that companies meet regulatory requirements.

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