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multi processing (MP)

Multiprocessing describes all procedures and computers in which several functional units process an application simultaneously, such as the parallel computer and the vector computer, and thus increase the computing power.

The operating system of multiprocessor systems divides the task or threads between the central processing units( CPU). In the case of multithreading, parts of the application are processed in parallel. However, the time coordination and the distribution of the tasks to the different processors is extremely complex in multithreading.

In multiprocessing, a distinction is made between symmetrical and asymmetrical multiprocessing. In symmetric multiprocessing( SMP), all functional units are identical and have equal access to the memory units. In Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP), each processor can execute the operations of any other.

In Asymmetric Multip rocessing( AMP), one processor performs the control functions and the control functions of all the others. In Asymmetric Multiprocessing (AMP), the control processor distributes the individual tasks to the various microprocessors, which all access the same memory units.

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