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mp3Pro is a further development of MP3, which uses Spectral Band Replication( SBR) as a major innovation. mp3Pro has a high sound quality even at low bit rates, which is particularly noticeable with high tones. In addition, the file size is about half that of an MP3 file for the same sound quality.

mp3Pro was developed by Coding Technologies, a company that emerged from the cooperation of a Swedish company and a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits. The audio codec is backward compatible to MP3 and can be played on MP3 players; but in MP3 quality. To hear the full sound of mp3Pro, music players with mp3Pro audio codecs are required.

The specifications of mp3Pro indicate near CD quality at bitrates of 80 kbit/s with frequency renditions above 16 kHz. At lower bitrates, the published test results speak of satisfactory and sufficient sound quality. Audio compression, which uses constant bit rate( CBR), ranges from 94% (high bit rate) to 97%, depending on bit rate and music track.

As with MP3, mp3Pro can also store additional information about the music title, artist or album.

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