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mouse tracking

Mouse tracking is a tracking method for website optimization. Mouse tracking records the mouse movements made by visitors to a website.

The mouse movements over the web pages, the clicking of activation fields, the time the visitor spends on a particular web page and the scrolling behavior are recorded. From this data, which is recorded in various maps, the website operator can draw conclusions about the layout of the web pages and their user-friendliness, the positioning of the products and the customer guidance through the sales channels to the point of purchase, which is shown in the customer journey map.

The results of the mouse tracking are shown in complex line and dot diagrams representing the mouse movement pattern, click behavior, dwell time and scrolling behavior. From the various movement profiles, conclusions can be drawn about the positioning of activation and conversion elements.

Free and paid tracking software is available for mouse tracking, which can be used to test websites on site or remotely.

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