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midband Ethernet

Midband Ethernet extends the range of Ethernet services that can also be offered over copper cables. The midband approach has the advantage that the existing copper twisted pair can be used for Ethernet in the connection area; an infrastructural upgrade

is not required. Midband Ethernet offers the same services as Metro Ethernet, but at lower data rates

of2 Mbps

to 10 Mbps.Technologically, data rates of up to 45 Mbit/s are possible by bundling the copper lines. With 2Base-TL, the IEEE working group 802.3ah defined the copper interface for midband Ethernet. Copper cable bundling makes the Ethernet services offered resistant to typical cable faults. To extend the Ethernet service edge, the Ethernet platform is mapped by an Ethernet switch

thatsupports full Ethernet functionality, allowing the Ethernet services E-LAN, E-Line, and E-Tree defined by the Metro Ethernet Forum

(MEF) to be offered. Midband Ethernet switches are functionally similar to core switches with the difference that they have a 2Base-TL interface in addition to 10Base-T, 100Base-T, and 1000Base-T. As Layer 2 switches, they support Link Aggregation Groups (LAG), the Spanning Tree Protocols (STP) and the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocols (RSTP).

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