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messenger service

Messenger services are messagingservices. They can be used to transfer short messages, pictures, photos, videos, files, own location data and voice messages. Messenger services are used for individual communication between two smartphone users, but there are also services for transferring information to registered interest groups.

Messenger services work in real-time communication and are based on instant messaging( IM) and mobile instant messaging( MIM). Corresponding apps can be downloaded and installed on desktops, tablets or smartphones via the Internet or mobile networks. Users can then create their own account. The service program automatically creates a contact list that is updated for each contact. To make contact, the user only needs to click on the entry in the contact list.

There are various providers for messenger services. The best-known one with the widest distribution is WhatsApp. Others are Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Windows Live Messenger, Skype Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Hangouts, Telegram, Discord, Threema, Viber and various others. Many users prioritize the aforementioned messenger services over the classic e-mails used primarily in business or the short message service( SMS) that used to be widely used.

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