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low temperature fuel cell

Fuel cells are divided into low-temperature fuel cells and high-temperature fuel cells according to their operating temperature. The operating temperature of low-temperature fuel cells is between 50 °C and 200 °C.

Low-temperature fuel cells such as the hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell PEMCF are suitable for mobile use in electric vehicles. In addition to the PEM fuel cell, there are also the direct methanol fuel cell( DMFC), the alkaline fuel cell( AFC), the direct borohydride fuel cell( DBFC) and the phosphoric acid fuel cell( PAFC), which, however, operates at a much higher temperature.

The different fuel cells and their characteristics

The different fuel cells and their characteristics

Low-temperature fuel cells generally require a catalyst made of platinum or other expensive metals. Since the operating temperature is relatively low, the waste heat cannot be used as effectively as that of high-temperature fuel cells.

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