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long wave frequency band

Long wave is a broadcasting technical term for broadcasting in the frequency range between 150 kHz and 285 kHz. Long wave uses amplitude modulation with a full carrier signal and double sideband modulation

on which mono signals are modulated. The channel spacing of

broadcast longwave is 9 kHz, which means that only 9 transmission channels are available for the entire longwave range.

Frequency ranges for HF frequencies

Frequency ranges for HF frequencies

The wavelengths of long waves are kilometre waves which propagate as ground

waves. The range of

the ground waves following the curvature of the earth depends on the transmitter power, which may well be several hundred kilowatts. Since the transmission quality of longwave is severely impaired, a digital alternative has been developed in the form of DRM radio, with which transmission rates of up to 24 kbit/s can be realized in the available channel widths and which is characterized by high transmission quality.

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