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liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS)

LCoS technology is a display technology developed by Philips that uses silicon-based reflective microdisplays. The technology, which is interesting for rear projections, is comparable to a mini LCD display in which incident light is reflected by polarized liquid crystals.

LCoS displays consist of a silicon film coated with liquid crystals. To prevent the control electrodes for the liquid crystals from absorbing light, they are located behind a mirrored layer behind the liquid crystals. Both limiting layers have a distance of only about 2 micrometers in smaller displays. The cell size is about 8 micrometers.

Structure of the LCoS display

Structure of the LCoS display

LCoS displays are suitable for high quality displays with a resolution that can even exceed Ultra-XGA( UXGA). They are characterized by an excellent contrast ratio of 1,000:1 and have a high brightness. In addition, LCoS displays have no visible rasters from the chip structure, and there are no streaks or blurring due to slow brightness changes.

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