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integrated development environment (IDE)

An integrated development environment(IDE) is a programming environment packaged in an interactive application program that supports software developers in development and routine work. Such an integrated development environment typically consists of an editor, compiler or interpreter, linker, debugger and a graphical user interface( GUI). The development environment can be a stand-alone application or part of an existing application.

An integrated development environment is characterized by an optimized graphical interface with intuitive user guidance, which facilitates the familiarization and learning of the functions. The user interface plays a crucial role, as all information converges here. Therefore, the user interface should be context-oriented and always provide the operator with the information and controls he needs for the entire project. It thus forms the control center for the development tools. Integrated development environments provide the user with a user-friendly framework for many programming languages and platforms, including Visual Basic, Java, Powerbuilder, . NET, Low-Code/No-Code( LCNC) and Object Pascal, to name a few.

The features and functionality of an integrated development environment include information about the entire project scope, version management, a syntax checker with completion options, the creation of graphical user interfaces, a profiler so that the user always has a complete project overview, debuggers to track the program flow, the management of development results, access to partial results and some other functions.

Development environments include Delphi, Visual C++, PROLOG++, Eclipse, Turbo Pascal, Dev-C++, JBuilder, Visual Studio and others. For website development there are HomeSite, DreamWeaver and FrontPage development environments that automate many development functions.

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