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Infoscreens are large displays for advertising and the presentation of information. Technically, they can be LED-based large displays made of light-intensive light-emitting diodes with ultra-high brightness (UHB), OLED displays or projection technologies.

In the case of projection technologies, the displays are projected onto the projection surfaces, which are several square meters in size, using powerful projectors. The display is multimedia and is supported by audio.

Infoscreen, photo.

Infoscreen, photo.

Infoscreens are mainly used as electronic billboards in heavily frequented areas of large cities. For example, in subways and suburban trains, in train stations, waiting rooms and airport buildings. In addition to outdoor advertising, they are also used as information displays for departure times, train or flight delays or cancellations, for daily news, traffic and weather information. Since the Infoscreens are connected to their own network, the insertion of outdoor advertising or information can be changed at short notice.

Since Infoscreens are an interesting eye-catcher, they are guaranteed a relatively high level of attention.

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