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industry pack (IP)

The acronym " IP" in this context stands for Industry Pack; a small mezzanine plug-on module for carrier boards such as those used in industrial computers

. The IP module is available in single size of 45.7 mm x 99.1 mm and in double size of 91.4 mm x 99.1 mm. The height of the components on the IP board may be 7.4 mm. The module, standardized by the VITA Standards Organization (VSO), has two 50-pin connectors: one for connection

to the carrier board, the second as an I/O connection for external peripherals via the carrier board.

6U carrier board equipped with IP modules

6U carrier board equipped with IP modules

Four IP modules in single size and two in double size can be plugged onto a carrier board with 6 height units

(6U). Theoretically, even six IP modules could be accommodated, but this is not practical. I/O connections are made through the carrier board. IP modules operate with a simple processor bus that characterizes I/O traffic, interrupt handling, and data traffic to memory. There is no arbitration for the processor bus. The IP module operates as a passive module or as a slave module with a relatively low interface power and is primarily used as a simple I/O extension.

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