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human resource information system (HRIS)

A Human Resource InformationSystem (HRIS) is a database in which the master data of a company's employees are stored. The employee data is required for human resource management( HRM).

Master data is employee data such as name and address, national identity, social security number, hours worked, pay, dependents and contacts, work permits and tax brackets, and more. An HRIS system can also include employee performance appraisals, sick leave, and other assessments. The data collected is used by HR for employee classification, training and promotion.

HRIS systems provide a comprehensive foundation when evaluating employees. Data stored in a database can be searched for specific patterns to find suitable employees for other departments or management roles in a large organization. Organizational charts required as a result can be printed out at the touch of a button. In addition, such a personnel management system can be used to perform analyses and correlations to determine whether certain company characteristics have changed positively or negatively as a result of new or transferred employees.

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