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Haptics is the study of the sense of touch. Haptics is about the interactions triggered by touching an electronic unit. It is about the reaction to an action. Such an action could be the pressure on a button, the counterpressure of which the operator experiences as a haptic reaction.

In driver assistance systems, for example, haptic reactions prevent the driver from falling asleep by constantly checking the driver's behavior and triggering a haptic alarm based on facial expressions or eye opening. For example, by vibrating the driver's seat. There are also techniques for human-machine interaction with haptic response from the display to the operator. Here, the human-machine interaction takes place through a brief vertical movement of the screen, which is perceived via the fingertip. Other well-known applications include the vibration alarm ofcell phones and smartphones when a call is received. Instead of a ring tone, the cell phone vibrates.

Haptic technology is also used in virtual reality, for example in computer games that simulate real games such as tennis or golf.

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