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Feedster is a special search engine for news, based on RSS feeds or Atom feeds. These are XML-basedfiles with which online editorial teams summarize their articles.

The Feedster search engine makes it easier for commercial and private users to search for specific online articles, of which many millions exist on the Internet. RSS feeds search includes traditional press agency websites, e-commerce websites, weblogs and entertainment industry websites.

Feedster regularly scans the entire blogosphere and updates millions of entries. Every day Feedster expands with many thousands of new websites from already known feeds, but also from new ones. Thus, among the indexed feeds are all the well-known online editorial offices, press agencies, as well as television and radio stations. Feedster uses XML formats such as RSS feed or Atom for searching; in contrast, other search engines such as Google evaluate HTML. Thanks to the feed technology, Feedster info is available for the search process immediately after it is published.

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