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fake banner

Fake banner is a form of banner that pretends to be information, function or application, but in the end it is pure banner advertising. An example is alleged computer system error messages. The goal of fake banners is increased attention of the Internet user and an increase in click-through rates.

Fake banners are used to counteract the phenomenon of banner wearout or banner blindness among customers. From the Internet user's point of view, the banners are extremely annoying and often cause a negative association with the product ultimately advertised in the banner.

Fake banners with sweepstakes

Fake banners with sweepstakes

A functionality faked by fake banners can be a scroll bar, but when clicked, it leads to another website. Thus, the scroll bar functionality is just faked. Fake banners can also contain promises or winning messages that are supposed to encourage the user to click on them. Configuration or tariff changes can also be faked in a fake banner. Even buttons for allegedly "canceling" can have a fake function and lead to another website when clicked.

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