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dual mode mobile phone

A dual-mode cell phone is a mobile station that supports two completely different transmission methods, standards and networks. Such a cell phone could be designed for GSM networks and DECT or for UMTS and for AMPS, the mobile communications system used in America.

Dual-mode cell phones also support WLAN standards based on 802.11 or Bluetooth and can log into WLANs within the company or in the catchment area of hotspots and communicate on the move via the 2nd or 3rd generation cellular networks mentioned. Dual-mode device technology should also be seen in the light of the increasing mobility of a company's employees and the convergence of fixed and mobile networks, as realized with Fixed Mobile Convergence( FMC) and Mobile to Mobile Convergence( MMC).

With a dual-mode cell phone, the user is not locked into a specific standard.

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