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distributed computing environment (DCE)

The Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) is an open standardized platform for heterogeneous client-server architectures from the Open Software Foundation. DCE is a collection of concepts and products; codes and interfaces are defined in it.

The Architecture of DCE

The Architecture of DCE

The DCE architecture uses a distribution platform as its base function, with Remote Procedure Call (RPC) as the central interaction mechanism. The nested architecture covers security, management, directory service, and data sharing services with other services. The goal of DCE is to distribute and use resources across a large number of computers. Each user, client and server, can directly use all available resources. In addition, DCE supports a distributed file system and personal computer (PC) integration.

DCE supports various operating systems such as OSF/1, Sun-OS, AIX from IBM, Ultrix, HP-UX and Unix variants.

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