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directory information tree (DIT)

Directory Information Tree (DIT) is the global information tree used in directory services, such as X.500. It consists of entries that correspond to the information objects of the X.500 directory.

In the hierarchically structured directory tree, the objects are grouped together in object groups. Such a hierarchy is comparable to a postal address structure.

Example of a Directory Information

Example of a Directory Information

Tree The root of the directory tree is the states, followed by the cities and other selection criteria in the next hierarchy level. An object that is subordinate to another object in the directory tree has all the attributes of the object above it. The name of the respective object is always unique and is composed of the names of all objects above the respective object. In relation to a postal address structure, the object with the street name has the information about the city, state, and country. These objects are called Distinguished Name (DN), the partial information Relative Distinguished Name (RDN).

The end users can access the DIT tree via a Directory User Agent (DUA) or a Directory System Agent (DSA).

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