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radio data network (RDN)

Radio Data Network(RDN) is a mobile radio system optimized for the digital transmission of small amounts of data. Similar to trunked and private mobile radio, data radio is also used primarily for operational communication between company headquarters and mobile field staff, with the difference that only data is transmitted.

With this digitally operating data transmission service, employees can access data in the company's central computer while on the road or directly at the customer's site. They can retrieve data in duplex mode, but also enter it. Mobile data terminals with internal or external radio modems are used as mobile stations. Radio data transmission can use selective call systems, cellular networks or satellite-based mobile radio systems for data transmission. These include short message services( SMS), Modacom and Mobitex, and GSM.

By means of radio data transmission, all LAN applications can also be used on the move and made WAN-capable. These include file transfer as well as e-mail, host access as well as terminal emulation, FAX, telex and database access as well as access to the Internet. In addition, the standard interfaces can be used.

From the user's point of view, the acceptance of radio data transmission is given by the technical profile and the related factors of data throughput, data security, switching, reliability and area coverage.

The protocol design for data radio must ensure reliable data transmission at the physical transmission level, which may also be characterized by unreliable radio links. Connection establishment must be automatic, as must connection restoration in the event of a connection failure. Data transmission is packet-oriented, which ensures effective use of the available transmission frequencies. In addition, fast connection establishment is possible with packet-oriented transmission, as is intermediate storage of the data in the data packet network.

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