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  1. In networking, a root is the starting point of a hierarchical tree topology. The root forms the central point from which the lines or logical connections are distributed. Examples include cable television and broadband cable networks.
  2. The term root is also used in the hierarchical structuring of information. Here, the root is the starting point from which information subsets branch in logical sequence. The starting point can be something general that becomes more and more specific as it branches out. For example, if the topic of networks forms the root, the first branch can deal with the topic of local networks, the next with Ethernet, and another with Gigabit Ethernet.
  3. In DNS systems, the root represents the root in the hierarchically structured namespace. The DNS root is the starting point of the name hierarchy. The various domain levels are based on it. These are the top- level domains( TLD), second-level domains( SLD), and third-level domains.
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