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direct digital marketing (DDM)

Direct Digital Marketing(DDM) corresponds to classic marketing using digital media. It relies primarily on e-mail marketing, web marketing, and mobile marketing. It belongs to online marketing and uses the free transmission options of e-mails to tens of thousands of e-mail addresses.

This type of direct marketing is also sent to groups of recipients who are not interested in the advertising and consider it as spams. The unsolicited e-mails can be filtered out on the receiving side via junk filters. This can massively reduce the amount of junk mail received.

As for web marketing, it is generated via banner ads, text links and other forms of advertising. Banner advertising can be used to direct websitevisitors to the marketing provider's website. By placing the banners on websites relevant to the topic, the success rate can be greatly influenced.

Mobile marketing refers to mobile devices and all services that bring users closer to certain products or services. These can be text messages in the short message service( SMS), location-based services( LBS) or product reviews in social networks.

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