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e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is a subarea of online marketing and direct digital marketing( DDM) and includes all marketing measures based on the use of e-mails. Forms of e-mail marketing include triggered e-mails, e-mail newsletters or personalized e-mails with special product offers.

In Germany, e-mail marketing is subject to legal regulations and requires the consent of the recipient, and thus falls under permission marketing. The Internet user's consent is confirmed by his opt-in. It is a different matter if the customer does not agree to receive e-mails and gives his opt-out in return, or if he has never been asked, or if the e-mails are spam.

Email marketing is a very popular form of online advertising because it reaches a large number of customers quickly and very inexpensively. The success of email marketing is measured by open rates, or open rates, and click-through rates, or click-through rates. The efficiency of these two key performance indicators( KPI) can be determined by testing. For example, in an A/B test, two different emails with different subject lines are sent to randomly selected test groups. Based on the open and click rates, one or the other version can then be used for the actual mail campaign.

E-mail marketing campaigns have relatively high wastage, which is accepted because of the fact that no postage costs are incurred.

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