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digital theatre sound high definition (DTS-HD)

DTS- HD(Digital Theatre Sound High Definition) is the name for the Digital Theatre Sound (DTS) multi- channel audio system known as DTS++. DTS-HD is a lossy and lossless audio codec.

DTS-HD has variable and fixed data rates, the sampling rate is 192 kHz as in the DTS audio file format, and the sampling depth is 24 bits. The number of audio channels is unlimited. DTS-HD is an audio format for high-definition television( HDTV), Blu-ray discs( BD), and HD DVDs. Lossless audio compression is mandatory for Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD, lossless is optional. Data rates for Blu-Ray discs are 24 Mbps, and 18 Mbps for HD-DVD.

The DTS-HD format supports surround sound 7.1 with eight dedicated audio channels with a sampling depth of 24 bits at a sampling rate of 96 kHz. The DTS-HD format is anchored in a DTS surround core with extension and can also be downconverted to surround 5.1.

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