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digital terrestrial television broadcast (DTTB)

Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcast (DTTB or DTT) is terrestrially transmitted digital TV. DTTB corresponds to Digital Video Broadcast Terrestrial( DVB-T), i.e. terrestrially transmitted digital video broadcast.

DTTB is broadcast from transmitters located on the ground and can be received by terrestrial antennas in the reception area of everyone. It is transmitted in the available frequencies of the VHF and UHF bands. DTTB has been standardized for HDTV by the International Telecommunication Union. The advantage of terrestrial transmission of digital television is that the terrestrial reception facilities with their Yagi antennas are already available and users only have to make a small investment.

The term Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcast is hardly used in Germany. Corresponding systems were installed in various countries before the turn of the millennium. In Germany, the designation DVB-T has become established.

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