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data transformation

Data transformation is the conversion of one data format into another. Often, a data transformation starts from raw data that is converted into an application-specific data format by means of conversion. After data transformation, the data is available in a consistent form for storage or application. They are then secure, trustworthy and compatible

. Data transformation is a process

inwhich the data is first identified in its data format and its structure is determined

aftertransformation. This is followed by data extraction and data transformation of the data to be transformed. These can be stored or used in databases and in data warehouses

. Thesource data for data transformation can be any of the data formats used in multimedia applications, streaming data, log data, or web data.

A prerequisite for data transformation is that the transformation programs can read the data formats.

The most commonly used transformation languages include the Perlscript language, XSL Transformation (XSLT) and the AWK script language for analyzing text data.

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