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data center infrastructure management (DCIM)

Data Center Infrastructure Management(DCIM) encompasses all aspects of the information technology equipment and systems that serve the data center infrastructure.

DCIM management includes capacity planning for the data center facilities, management of the IT systems throughout their useful life, cost-effectiveness in the operation of the IT systems, improvement of efficiency through new equipment, and building and energy management, taking energy efficiency into account. DCIM can be seen as an optimization model for data center performance, its efficiency and profitability, as a business value of the physical infrastructure. It is based on the needs of the business model and takes into account the energy consumption for cooling and for the operation and maintenance of the equipment in relation to the computing power delivered.

For this purpose, key performance indicators were defined for the energy efficiency of"The Green Grid": the Power Usage Effectiveness( PUE) with the Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) and the Carbon Usage Effectiveness ( CUE) as well as the Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE), which puts the energy consumed in relation to the computing power. These parameters take into account the energy consumption and the costs for cooling.

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