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Cyberwar, cyber war, is a strategic orientation of military activities in virtual space, cyberspace. The aim of cyberattacks is to attack information technology and communication networks such as the Internet.

Cyber warfare is about disrupting vital functions such as communications, power grids, water supplies, health care, and other important areas of life so that they are no longer available to the general public. These strategic targets inflict lasting damage on society and entire countries.

Cyberwar begins with cyber espionage, spying on research, science, business, military, and society, and results in cyberattacks used to sabotage entire supply systems, manipulate strategies, and activate attacks. The "weapons" of cyberwar are the various techniques with which attacks are carried out. These attacks can be focused on copying, deleting or modifying data files, intercepting communication links or manipulating application programs. They can be supported by viruses, worms or Trojans. The defense is aimed at preventing such attacks.

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