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A cursor is a graphical marker on the screen that can be controlled by the computer mouse, keyboard, joystick, or other input device.

The cursor representation is free. There are hundreds of different cursor symbols that are directly related to the application program, some of which have become common in practice. For text input, for example, an underscore, a vertical line or a rectangle is used that blinks at the current processing position for the next numerical input.

For graphical input, the cursor can be represented as a crosshair, an arrow, or a cursor hand that changes shape in sensitized areas of the screen. For image enlargements or reductions, small magnifying glasses with a plus or minus sign are used as cursors.

Various Cursor Symbols

Various Cursor Symbols

The position of the cursor depends on the input and can be moved across the screen using the computer mouse or the cursor keys. The cursor keys can be used to move the cursor incrementally up - Cursor Up (CUU) -, down - Cursor Down (CUD) -, left - Cursor Backward (CUB) - and right - Cursor Forward (CUF). In addition, most keyboards have keys to move pages forward and backward - Page Up and Page Down - as well as additional keys for End, Backward Step and Home.

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