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collaborative business

Collaborative business, C-business, is a joint business involving all employees and external companies included in the value chain. The aim of this business strategy is to use the opportunities created by globalization and the associated internationalization of supply and sales markets more intensively for innovations and developments, for purchasing, production and delivery of products, services and software.

As keywords his here Time-to-Market( T2M) and Just- In-Time( JIT), which underline the short-livedness of the innovation phases and the cost-oriented short-term delivery. The goals of collaborative business are to improve the value chain and increase product value through transparent and timely information exchange. Existing individual solutions in the value chain are integrated in Collaborative Business.

E-business and customer relationship management( CRM) form the basis on which C-business systems are built. Such systems can relate to sales strategies, as well as to employees, suppliers and customers.

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