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just in time (JIT)

  1. Just-In-Time (JIT) is a production engineering concept in which components are delivered at the right time and flow directly into assembly, i.e. without intermediate storage. The advantage of this concept is that there is no longer any intermediate storage, thus reducing or partially eliminating storage and capital commitment costs. Just-In-Time is an aspect of the value chain and a part of the collaborative business. This concept is also used figuratively by the Java JIT compiler, which compiles Java's programs only when they are needed.
  2. The term Just-in-Time (JIT) is also used for the compiler of . NET compiler, which is part of the Common Language Runtime( CLR). The JIT compiler compiles the source code present in Common Intermediate Language( CIL) into machine code as soon as classes and methods of the assemblies are used. It transforms the CIL code into semantic codes and takes care of the concrete target environment. The designation Just-in-Time is also related to the fact that the compilation takes place at runtime.
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