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bi amping

Bi-amping is an amplifier/ connection concept forloudspeaker cabinets. In this concept, the entire frequency range before the power amplifier is divided into two frequency ranges for the high/midrange and for the woofer, and each is amplified separately in its own power amplifier.

In the case of bi-amping, the amplifier has separate output sockets for the midrange, the high range and the low range, which are connected to the terminals from the speaker cabinet using two speaker cables: one speaker cable to the low-frequency chassis, the other to the midrange/high-frequency chassis.

Connection diagram for bi-amping

Connection diagram for bi-amping

Unlike bi-wiring or tri-wiring, bi-amping requires a special power amplifier with frequency separation of the middle and higher frequency ranges and the lower frequencies. Bi-amping can also be designed as tri-amping with three separate power amplifiers for the different frequency ranges of 3-way speakers.

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