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attached resources computer network (LAN) (ARCnet)

ARCnet was a LAN technology of the 1970s with 2.5 Mbit/s transmission speed and token-passing access.

Developed by Datapoint, the non-standardized ARCnet was designed for small networks with up to 256 connections and a maximum extension of 300 m. ARCnet used RG-62 cable, a 93-ohm cable used to connect individual stations, as the interconnect cable.

ARCnet installations were set up in distributed star topology and could be easily extended by cascadinghubs. The maximum distance between stations was 6 km. ARCnet supported deployments using coaxial cables and TP cables as well as optical transmission media. There was a strong ARCnet community in the U.S., which also developed a standard for a 20 Mbps ARCnet, called ARCnetPlus. In Europe, the system was less widespread.

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