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Atom is a standardized syndication file format, similar to RSS feed, Really Simple Syndication (RSS), used by online editors to post their articles and news on the web and share them with other websites. Atom is also used by bloggers for their weblogs.

As with Rich Site Summary (RSS), Atom files are called feeds or channels. Atom feeds are slightly more complex than RSS feeds, but also contain more complex information. It provides a high level of consistency in terms of the overall content, its storage and editing capabilities.

In this context, the labeling of the payloads should be mentioned, which ensures a clear distinction of the content, which is not given in the RSS feeds. Thus, the entries in Atom feeds can be written in normal text format, HypertextMarkup Language( HTML), Extensible Hypertext Markup Language( XHTML) or Extensible Markup Language(XML), and have references to other documents, such as videos or audios. Furthermore, Atom feeds have two elements to describe the content: "Summary" for the summary and "Content" for the content. In the summary, non-text content can also be described. In addition, Atom uses the file format specified in ISO 8601 for date and time information.

Atom is an open and evolving standard developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force( IETF). The extension for the files is *.atom or *.xml.

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