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ambient assisted living (telemedicine) (AAL)

Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) addresses the demographically induced aging society and develops solutions for intelligent, age-appropriate assistance systems designed to make everyday life easier for older people and improve their quality of life. These are age-appropriate assistance systems in microsystems technology and information technology in combination with service offerings.

Ambient Assisted Living is concerned with improving the quality of life of elderly, sick and chronically ill people. AAL systems should facilitate and support the everyday lives of older people; they must be oriented to the people, their social environment and needs. The focus is not on technology, concepts, products and services, but on the user with his or her wishes and demands. This includes remote patient monitoring and Observation of Daily Living( ODL).

AAL concepts support living in one's own home as well as networked living in homes and monitoring of the sick and dementia patients via the Internet or the Internet of Things( IoT), combined with rapid emergency calls viahome emergency call. It takes into account the requirements of older people in terms of functionality, operation and the design of AAL systems.

Ambient Assisted Living system (AAL) Motiva from Philips.

Ambient Assisted Living system (AAL) Motiva from Philips.

Ambient Assisted Living application scenarios include safety-related functions such as control of the alarm system and shutters, smoke detectors, and switching electrical appliances on and off. Furthermore, monitoring functions for fall detection and motion detectors for presence detection as well as the recording of vital functions and the temperature control of room temperatures should be mentioned. Ultimately, it is also about occupation or entertainment of the home patients. The individual functions can be detected with sensors and implemented by means of actuators. For example, the control of lighting by presence sensors or during night hours, or the detection of room temperature, smoke or heat. Often it is a matter of routine functions that can be automated and that are related to the daily habits of the user.

In Germany, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is playing a leading role in this initiative through its Microsystems Technology Department. The ministry is actively supported by VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH.

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