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alarm system

Alarm systems are devices that protect people and their property from danger, theft or damage. They have security functions and are installed in residential and commercial buildings, halls, shopping centers or motor vehicles.

Home alarm systems or burglar alarm systems consist of a central management unit, the alarm control panel, to which the sensors for protecting doors and windows and those for detecting movement, water intrusion or fire, as well as the actual alarm devices are connected. The alarm control panel acquires and stores the incoming sensor signals and triggers the visual, acoustic and electronic alarm signals.

Functional units of an alarm system

Functional units of an alarm system

As far as sensors are concerned, magnetic contacts on windows and doors are used in home alarm systems, which transmit a signal to the alarm control panel in case of unauthorized opening of a secured window or door, which in turn triggers the alarm device. Furthermore, motion detectors are used to protect the rooms. These may be infrared detectors or passive infrared motion detectors, or ultrasonic motion detectors or RF and radar motion detectors. Other sensors include smoke detectors, fire detectors and glass break detectors. The connections between the sensors, the alarm control panel and the alarm device can be wired or radio-based. A commonly used frequency range is the ISM band at 868 MHz.

In terms of alarm notification and setup, audible alarms are made with a siren that emits a shrill continuous or intermittent tone of over 100 dB, and visual alarms can be made by flashing strobe lights in the alarm device. In addition, there are the electronic alarm messages. They can be switched as a phone call on a predetermined number, or directly to the smartphone. In addition, the alarm status can also be displayed on the Internet. It also makes sense to integrate the alarm system into smart homes via the Internet.

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