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adaptive front lighting system (automotive) (AFS)

Inautomotive technology, headlighting that automatically adapts to traffic and ambient lighting conditions is of particular importance. In this context, we speak of adaptable light, Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS), or intelligent lighting systems.

One aspect of adaptive lighting is the speed-related adjustment of illumination in urban areas, on country roads or on the highway. Others include static or dynamic bend lighting, which has already been implemented in various motor vehicles. The far more important aspect is the automatic adjustment of light distribution depending on the driving situation and ambient lighting conditions. This aspect is also intended to improve pedestrian protection.

Functional changes in adaptive lighting

Functional changes in adaptive lighting

An intelligent lighting system of this kind must detect straight and curved roadways and align the light accordingly, but it must also illuminate road intersections or junctions, and it must also illuminate roads when the vehicle turns. This means that the light beam changes from a long, narrow beam for highway travel, to a short, wide beam in city traffic at street intersections. Improving visibility and visibility in bad weather, rain, snow or fog is also particularly important.

Such intelligent lighting systems, which use aperture technologies or LED headlights with LED matrices, take into account ambient light, speed, road conditions and the course of the road via sensors present in the car. Another headlight system, works with a reflector consisting of thousands of small mini-mirrors that can be adjusted individually. This technology, used in projectors, is called Digital Micromirror Device( DMD). In headlight technology, it is referred to as pixel light because each mirror can be controlled individually and reflects the lamp light onto the road. In addition, the classic headlight is to be replaced by microlens arrays, which have a much smaller installation depth and a higher quality of light for road illumination.

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