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active loudspeaker box

Active boxes are speaker boxes that can be more flexibly adapted to the sound radiation. They have built-in filters and power amplifiers for the different frequency ranges.

Active boxes are superior to classic speaker boxes in that the built-in speakers can be better adapted to the sound radiation. In active boxes, the speaker signal is processed in high-pass, band-pass and low-pass frequencies for the tweeters( HT), midrange drivers( MT) and woofers(TT) and each signal component is amplified separately in its own amplifier before being fed to the speakers.

The optimal dimensioning of the amplifiers to the respective loudspeakers can already be included in the development of the active boxes and ensure the best possible phase and frequency matching. The disadvantage is the routing of the supply voltage and the volume control, for which there are appropriate controls on the rear panel of the active box.

Active boxes can be connected directly to the line-out output ofsound cards and audio devices.

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