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RPR protocol

The Resilient Packet Ring ( RPR) protocol is a Layer 2 protocol with a new MAC format.

Header of the Resilient Packet Ring (RPR)

Header of the Resilient Packet Ring (RPR)

The header comprises a total of 24 bytes, with the first two bytes forming the RC data field for the ring control. This is followed by the 6 byte long address fields for the destination address, Destination Address( DA), and the source address, Source Address( SA), according to IEEE 802-1990.

With the ERC data field, Extended Ring Control (ERC), there is an extended ring control, which is followed by the 2-byte long HEC data field, Header Error Control (HEC), for header error control. The other data fields are for the protocol type, Protocol Type( PT), the payload( PL) and the cyclic block check, Cyclic Redundancy Check(CRC), for which a 4-byte long data field is provided.

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