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IEEE 802.3 1000Base-ZX

1000Base-ZX is a variant of Gigabit Ethernet( GbE) that uses single- mode fibers with a wavelength of 1,550 nm and can bridge distances of up to 70 km.

SFP module for fiber optics, Photo: Cisco

SFP module for fiber optics, Photo: Cisco

When using a dispersion-compensated optical fiber, such as DSF fiber, distances of up to 100 km can even be bridged with 1000Base-ZX.

Like the other Gigabit variants, 1000Base-ZX uses 8B/10B coding. The 1000Base-ZX interface is implemented in Mini Gigabit Interface Converters( MGBIC) SPF modules. They contain the SC connectors for the single mode fibers and the optical transceiver.

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