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IEEE 802.3 1000Base-LX

1000Base-LX is a GbE interface ofGigabit Ethernet that works with optical fiber. The letter "L" stands for Long Wavelength, the "X" for local area networks( LAN). This variant uses a laser with a wavelength of 1,300 nm, specified are 1,270 nm to 1,355 nm. 1000Base-LX can work with multimode fibers and with single- mode fibers.

However, the ranges of multimode and monomode fibers differ considerably: a distance of 550 m is bridged with multimode fibers of 62.5 µm and 50 µm, and 5 km with a monomode fiber.

GBIC module with 1000Base-LX interface with SC connectors, photo:

GBIC module with 1000Base-LX interface with SC connectors, photo:

It should be noted that these are point-to-point links in full duplex, i.e. without CSMA/ CD. The optical transmit power of -3 dBm, the minimum optical transmit power of -11.5 dBm and the optical receive power of -3 dBm are also specified. The duplex SC connector is used for all variants.

The 1000Base-LX interface is implemented in the Gigabit Interface Converter( GBIC) or in the Mini Gigabit Interface Converter( MGBIC).

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