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German authorities and organizations with security-related

BOS stands for authorities and organizations with security tasks. BOS radio is a voice radio used by members of a wide variety of organizations such as the police, the Federal Border Police, the fire department, disaster control or rescue services to communicate with each other.

Various frequency bands in the HF range, the VHF range and the UHF range are reserved for BOS radio. BOS radio is a non-public land mobile radio(nömL) and belongs to the Private Land Mobile Radio( PLMR).

Frequency bands for BOS radio

Frequency bands for BOS radio

There are frequencies in the 8-m band at 35 MHz to 39 MHz, but these are hardly used. There is also a lower and an upper band in the 4-m band at 74 MHz and at 87.5 MHz, in the 2-m band between 165 MHz and 174 MHz, and in the 70-cm band between 440 MHz and 470 MHz. In the case of terrestrial trunked radio( TETRA), the frequency bands between 380 MHz and 385 MHz for the uplink and 390 MHz to 395 MHz for the downlink are designated for BOS radio in Germany. For direct mode operation( DMO), the frequency band between 406.1 MHz and 410 MHz has also been released. This means that additional transmission channels are available for DMO operation.

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