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GPS messaging

GPS messaging is a wireless messaging system for location-specific messages. They can be accessed by anyone who has a smartphone with a GPS system and is at the corresponding location.

If a user creates a GPS message - which can be text, voice messages, pictures or videos - then these messages are linked to the geo-coordinates of the GPS unit in the smartphone. Other users who are at or enter that location can retrieve, listen to or view those GPS messages.

GPS messaging can alert people to hazards on hikes, emergency procedures, or traffic hazards. They can likewise include information about tours, hotels, and restaurants.

Technically, when a GPS message is generated, the text or voice input is tagged with the geo-coordinates of the location and stored on a web page that is linked to those coordinates. If a user comes to that location with a smartphone, then they can retrieve the GPS message if their smartphone captures the same geo-coordinates. The web page can only be downloaded if the correct geodata link is present.

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